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Hello Friend!

Just see  how bad or good I look, standing besides my wife, who, of course looks good(which is one of the  great reasons I married her). You will probably guess our ages from our look, but many have made wrong guesses.

We were brought up in Sri Lanka where we rarely used junk food, thanks to our parents. This continued thorough life. We are retired but we have maintained good health, except that I, Wesley, had some heart attacks.

We relocated to the US in 1999 and found this a different country in terms of  eating habits, lifestyles. opportunities. government, etc. We had to make lots of adjustments.

But as years pass by, we find that Sri Lanka is copying this land a lot, the good as well as the bad, due to the fact that  the mass media is now more influential and worldwide. The  human species seems to be prone to copy  the bad more than the good. We sometimes wonder of the merits of the world becoming a global-village!

Other species are not doing this. Aren’t you thankful?

We want to maintain good health and strength. We want to eat good, healthy food. So if you find us eating bad things or going to the wrong places, you have our permission to grab us by our throats and throw us out, OK?

I heard a story which I state with my tongue in my cheek:

A reporter was searching for the secrets of longevity.

Bertrand Russell told him that his secret was healthy living, abstention from various bad habits, etc. Many others told  him similar things.

Then he met Winston Churchill. Churchill’s secret was:

  • Heavy cigar smoking
  • Drinking
  • Womanizing
  • Sleeping late
  • Etc.

The reported was non-nonplussed.

In spite of such an exception , I still believe in healthy living.

What do you say?


A Great Story

Our friend, Cindi Gernand from Arlington, Texas  experienced what is nothing short of a miracle by just taking a daily, all-in-one nutritional drink called Zeal.

She vows that if you take good nutrition, you enable your body to heal itself.

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